About Us - The Noble Horse Vintage
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About Us


Our first shop was opened in 2004 as a flagship store for a Germany Saddle company under the name Noble Horse Saddlery. The store was located on our horse ranch on Whidbey Island, Washington and we converted a 20 stall barn into our saddlery. Although riding equipment and tack was definitely a passion, we found inspiration in migrating more toward the riding apparel that had street-cred, cross-over fashion that could be worn by both the equestrian and the urban dweller. Following this passion, in 2007 we opened a second store in downtown Seattle under the name Noble Horse Gallery with the intent of bringing the equestrian lifestyle to the city dweller; the inspiration was the Manhattan Saddlery in New York City. We started incorporating vintage equestrian apparel and collectibles into our shop and my customers loved it! This not only broadened our market, but created a collection that no competitor had and offered a very unique shopping experience for our customers. Our Gallery closed in 2012 due to the depressed economy, but our saddlery was still alive and well and we merged the two shops into one and renamed it The Noble Horse.


Promoting our store through tours of horse competitions around the country, our fan base has grown and created an opportunity for us to specialize in two specific areas: Vintage and modern.  I opened The Noble Horse Vintage on Etsy in 2016, and this year we will be introducing The Urban Equustrian for our modern collection. Our store is still physically located on our horse farm, and we truly encompass the equestrian lifestyle with an on-site B&B, boarding and training facility and riding academy that offers recreational trail riding as well as camps and riding instruction. Our store is a corner stone of the facility that caters to all of our guests as well as our local community helping celebrate the horse-human connection and our online presence enables us to reach a much broader, international audience. We hope you enjoy the collection we have put together as it weaves a timeless story of how the horse has been so instrumental in our lives and how that relationship has inspired a whole genre of fashion and style.